About Us


Suppliers of Heat Sealable, Metal Packaging Supplies! 100% Smell-proof, waterproof and providing protection from X-ray's, RFID and other electro-magnetic interference, including mobile phone signals and even shop scanners. 

All designed for your safety and protection.

Simple to use and can be cut to any size. Just heat seal with an iron for a guaranteed Dogproof experience. 

All our packaging are of high grade, and to the standards listed below:

  • Military packaging for long-term storage to TL 8135-0003, MIL PRF-131J, NF H 00-310.
  • Industry and export packaging to DIN 55531.
  • Protective packaging for chemical products to DIN 55531.


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Avoid cheap imitations.

Our products are manufactured in Europe, using a specially formulated bonding compound made to the highest of standards.